LRE - FLAT Solution

The ultra-compact IBC inclinator for pallet trucks 

LRE-Flat is an essential accessory for all pallet trucks. It allows to maintain the classic pallet truck function (tank displacement, IBC/IBC...) while adding an essential inclination to empty your IBCs...

Simple d’utilisation, possibilité de l’adapter à tout type de transpalette, même électrique. En acier thermolaqué ou Inox 304, LRE-Flat s’adapte à votre production immédiatement et crée un retour sur investissement sans précédent ! Consultez notre Profitability calculator pour évaluer votre gain potentiel.



Combined with a standard pallet truck or a low-floor version, LRE Flat allows you to tilt your IBC effortlessly wherever you want. An essential accessory for all pallet trucks.

Developed from the LRE Evo experience, LRE Flat combines efficiency and safety.



LRE Flat is available in Thermocoated Steel and Stainless Steel versions. On a standard pallet truck, low floor, semi-electric or electric.

LRE Flat does not change the initial function of the pallet truck. It's a complementary accessory. Take, move, position and tilt your IBCs without constraints. Optimized operational times.

inclineur ibc fait en France
inclineur / basculeur ibc breveté, permet d'évité les pertes de matières

LRE - Solution

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